Preventing speech and language disorders in children

  • Talk and read with your child.
  • Have your child’s hearing checked regularly.
  • Learn about speech and language development.
  • Avoid interrupting your child while he or she is speaking.
  • Give your child time to talk.
  • Abstain from drugs and alcohol while pregnant.
  • Use helmets and seatbelts to prevent brain injury.
  • Take care of your child’s teeth and mouth.
  • Have your child’s speech screened to ensure that they are on track. (Screening Form)
  • Encourage children to abstain from yelling and screaming.
  • Encourage 6-8 cups of water a day.

If you suspect allergies or sinus infections, see a doctor

Preventing speech and language disorders in adults

  • Use helmets and seat belts to prevent brain injury.
  • Reduce risk factors for stroke. ( National Stroke Foundation Website )
  • Try not to shout, scream, or talk in noisy places.
  • If you have reflux, allergies, or respiratory infections, see a doctor.


See your doctor yearly for physicals and checkups.