The Issue with Sippy Cups

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Sippy cups are surprisingly harmful for your toddler.  Here is why! 1. Sippy Cups prevent normal development.  The toddler’s mouth will adapt to the hard plastic of the cup. This hard plastic can interfere with the development of: the mouth,

Top Ways to Encourage Spontaneous Speech

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Some kids may struggle to use spontaneous speech.  Here are some easy tips to use at home to help encourage and increase spontaneous speech in children! 1. Use communication temptations.  Temptation is a powerful motivator.  Think of things hat motivate

Morning Routines to Improve Working Memory

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Mornings can be hard for everyone.  However, here are some tips to help with those stressful morning routines and improve working memory in the process! 1. Have your child tape record the steps of his morning routine.  Listening to his

Tips to Help with Working Memory

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Working memory is the ability to hold information in the mind while performing complex tasks.  Here are some simple strategies you can do at home to help your child remember more and increase their working memory! 1. Assign a designated

Developing Speech Through Play

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Are you wondering how to help your child develop speech?  Here are some tips and activities that can be done at home! Practice makes perfect! It can be hard to get reluctant speakers to talk, but practicing during play time

How to encourage music in your home?

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Your child spends more time at your home than anywhere else.  Since music is so important for  brain development, here are some ways to incorporate music into your everyday home environment!! 1. Immerse your home with music! Whenever possible, have

How Can Music Help Your Child’s Development?

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Music ignites all areas of child development: intellect, social and emotional, motor, language, and literacy. The benefits of exposing children to music: helps children learn sounds and meanings of words dancing helps children build motor skills helps children practice self-expression helps strengthen memory skills provides

How to Keep Your Kids Active

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Children age 2-5 should play actively for at least one to two hours everyday. How to include active play in your child’s routine: Put on music and move and dance around Create an obstacle course and crawl under, climb over,

School is Back in, But Don’t Forget to Play

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Play is a vital part of child development. Children are busy when they are playing and they are actually learning when they are playing. When children are lifting, dropping, looking, pouring, bouncing, building, knocking down, climbing, running, and play acting

Do You Have Hopeful Eyes?

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I am going to start posting an inspiring image on Sundays! This is the first one in my series. What do you think?