Autism Awareness Month 2018 Week 2 – Too much at stake to sit back and Wait!

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Screenings for Autism Did you know that all children between 18-24 months are highly recommended to get a screening for Autism? How many have followed that recommendation? If your child has not had one at their check-up, you can request

April 2018 Autism Awareness Month

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This is the first week of Autism Awareness Month 2018. For April 2018, Creative Therapy Works will highlight information and quotes they have gathered from parent report, observations, and direct patient contact that you may find viable to pass along

World Down Syndrome Day

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World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated annually to raise awareness for Down syndrome.   Down syndrome is a congenital disorder which is caused by the occurrence of an extra 21st chromosome.  The day is celebrated in 60 countries, and the activities

Sesame Street adds new muppet with autism – Julia!

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              Julia is shy with bright red hair and green eyes. She enjoys painting, drawing and picking flowers.  Julia also has autism! When she speaks, she echoes the words and phrases that she hears

5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Brain

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1. Exercise – regular cardiovascular exercise increases blood flow to your brain and body. Physical activity leads to reduced risk of cognitive decline. Working out is an important facet of a healthy lifestyle! 2. School – academic stimulation (regardless of

3 Ways to Encourage Playground Socialization for Kids with Autism

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  Most children with autism have a difficult time fitting in with their peers.  Because autism’s main symptoms include difficulty with social communication, problems with socializing are almost inevitable. The playground in the perfect place for your child to learn important social

Creative Ways to Engage Kids During Bedtime Stories

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Reading to your children plays a huge role in their language development.  Additionally, reading to your children can become a fun staple in your family’s bedtime routine – what a great way to bond with your kids and improve their

Achievable Mommy Resolutions for 2017

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The new year can be overwhelming with ongoing demands from family and work life.  The added pressure of having to create and achieve New Years Resolutions can seem daunting.  Here are a few resolutions made easy just for you moms! 1.

Back to School

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Starting back to school can be just as stressful for the parents as the kids. Here are some helpful tips to help transition from summer to the school year as easily as possible. 1. Put them to bed on time!

Summer Literacy Development Camp

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Please join us this summer at our Literacy Development Camp! It’s sure to satisfy your Pre-kindergaterner’s appetite! Here is a link to the application to sign up! Reserve your spot today!