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Starting back to school can be just as stressful for the parents as the kids. Here are some helpful tips to help transition from summer to the school year as easily as possible.

1. Put them to bed on time! Young kids need 10-12 hours of sleep a night to feel energized for the long school days ahead.

2. Lay out clothes for the week. Avoid last-minute indecision the morning before school by letting your child pick out all of their clothes for the week. Just don’t forget to check the weather!

3.Post the daily routine. Help your kids establish a morning and bedtime schedule with an illustrated checklist.

4. Dedicate a homework area. Make study time simple by having a space stocked with pencils, paper, rulers, and other homework essentials.

5. Make weeknight dinners easy! Plan out dinner for the week and take note of missing ingredients or children’s suggestions.

6. Plan ahead. Before starting homework, have kids check their planner, assess their work, and unpack accordingly. As each to do is done, it goes in the bag, so nothing gets “forgotten”.

Christine Giles, MS, CCC-SLP is a practicing therapist as well as the owner of Creative Therapy Works, LLC. She earned an undergraduate degree at The Florida State University with a major in Communication Disorders and a Master of Science degree from The University of Wyoming in Speech-Language Pathology. She has been actively practicing therapy in schools, pediatric hospitals, private settings, home health, rehabilitation facilities, and skilled nursing facilities since 2002.

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