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Screenings for Autism

Did you know that all children between 18-24 months are highly recommended to get a screening for Autism? How many have followed that recommendation? If your child has not had one at their check-up, you can request an autism screening (M-CHAT) at any time that looks at “red flag” behaviors for individuals with Autism.   If you want to avoid the wait and do the screening yourself, there is a screening on the web that takes only a few minutes to do and you can take it to the doctor yourself to discuss the results. M-CHAT-Revised Autism Online Screening

Please don’t delay- Get your child screened today!!! It’s the first step towards taking the right path to getting your child the help and services that they urgently need. You have too much at stake to sit back and wait!

As always, the primary symptom of Autism is speech and language delays. Creative Therapy Works in Lilburn, GA wants you to allow us to be an intricate part in fostering the development of speech, language, motor, and emotional development in the most creative and compassionate way.


Christine Giles, MS, CCC-SLP is a practicing therapist as well as the owner of Creative Therapy Works, LLC. She earned an undergraduate degree at The Florida State University with a major in Communication Disorders and a Master of Science degree from The University of Wyoming in Speech-Language Pathology. She has been actively practicing therapy in schools, pediatric hospitals, private settings, home health, rehabilitation facilities, and skilled nursing facilities since 2002.

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