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stock-photo-people-colorful-love-abstract-hands-awareness-real-life-autism-issues-fefec270-ea5e-41e9-8835-ff17cad19499This is the first week of Autism Awareness Month 2018. For April 2018, Creative Therapy Works will highlight information and quotes they have gathered from parent report, observations, and direct patient contact that you may find viable to pass along to a loved one, neighbor or friend who you may have concerns about.
This information gathered, serves only as a tool, and information to talk to one’s pediatrician about. It should not be used to diagnosis anyone with Autism.
Autism is not a “one size fits all disorder”. Many times, Autism is overlooked in babies and toddlers because there are early developing milestones that parents overlook or because they don’t ____________(fill in the blank). Other comments I have heard over the past 14 years from delayed diagnosed children were, “he was such an easy baby, never cried” or “He started talking at 6 months”.
This week I want to share a quick list of possible signs of autism in babies and toddlers that I have put together:
6 months
– no social smiles or happy expressions directed at people
– limited or no eye contact
9 months
– absent vocal play with others of vocal sounds
– lacks smiles
– doesn’t cry when wet, uncomfortable, or hungry
12 months
-no babbling (ba baba, mama, dada)
– doesn’t imitate gestures or use them to communicate (wave bye bye, pointing, reaching)
-no head turn when name is called
16 months
– does not purposefully use words
– lacks play initiation with others
24 months
-if they had speech, this is the time when there is a sudden loss of intentional communication
-uses only 1 word at a time to communicate

As Always, if you have questions about your child’s speech, language, and developmental sensory and motor milestones please contact Creative Therapy Works, LLC in Lilburn, GA. We are Creative Therapists unraveling new and Creative Approaches to the treatment of delays associated with Autism and other developmental disorders.

Christine Giles, MS, CCC-SLP is a practicing therapist as well as the owner of Creative Therapy Works, LLC. She earned an undergraduate degree at The Florida State University with a major in Communication Disorders and a Master of Science degree from The University of Wyoming in Speech-Language Pathology. She has been actively practicing therapy in schools, pediatric hospitals, private settings, home health, rehabilitation facilities, and skilled nursing facilities since 2002.

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