According to Random House Webster’s Dictionary, “CREATIVE” is the ability to create MEANINGFUL new forms. Creative Therapy Works strives to do just that as we teach, rehabilitate, and develop meaningful and functional speech and language with our diverse client population. Not only do we work with individuals with speech and language deficits, but we are also committed to raising awareness about the importance of early intervention for language development.

Our Purpose

Creative Therapy Works, LLC was founded to provide a consistent and effective, innovative, therapeutic model that is customized for each client’s needs. Too often, therapy becomes ineffective and watered down as therapists get “bored” and loses motivation. This loss of motivation occurs when a therapist no longer thinks of novel effective techniques but attempts to solve each patient’s problem with the same tactics. This approach negatively affects the patient’s progress and enthusiasm toward their therapeutic objectives. With a sense of urgency and determination, Creative Therapy Works LLC has evolved from standard practice and created what we believe to be the best therapy company. We strive to achieve this goal by focusing on functionality, creativity, and individuality. Our approach is designed to break the routine of mainstream, traditional, drill based therapy and to introduce a fresh, new perspective to the idea of speech therapy. Our therapists welcome the constant challenge of mapping out many different routes to the destination of “speech success”. Due to the confidence our progressively, thinking therapist have with their own creative therapy skills, there is often a great upward push toward our patient’s success. Our objective is to transform agonizing “therapy work” into a motivating and rewarding activity enjoyed by the client. Even before the establishment of Creative Therapy Works, LLC, creative based therapy was always the means by which our therapists have facilitated therapy and impacted lives. Since the conception of this company, we have witnessed the excitement from our clients and their families as they witnessed that Creative Therapy really does Work!